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Sharing Contacts in cMail Pro
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This article will show you how to share contacts in cMail Pro with other users. We describe the procedure how user ivan@moiafirma.bg can share contacts with user Friends dimitar@moiafirma.bg.

I. Sharing contacts from user ivan@moiafirma.bg:

1. To access the service cMail Pro, open the following address in your web browser: http://pronto.cmailpro.net/

2. Enter the email address and password:

3. From the menu, select Contacts:

4. Display the contacts you want to share:

5. From the top menu, select the Edt button:

6. In the Access Control List add the email address of the person to whom you want to share these contacts:

6a. In case you want to remove the user to whom you delegated rights, click Remove button after the email address:

7. In the right box, select the rights you want to delegate to that user:
a) Read – rights to read only in the contacts
b) Write – rights to read and write in the contacts
c) Admin – all rights – read, modify and delete contacts
d) Custom – individual rights

8. When you have finished with the assignment of the users to their specific rights, you can save the settings:

II. Accepting shared contacts from user dimitar@moiafirma.bg:

1. To access the service cMail Pro, open the following address in your web browser: http://pronto.cmailpro.net/

2. Enter your email address and password:

3. You will receive a notification that you have been granted rights for the shared resource. You must agree by pressing Subscribe:

4. An information box appears, showing the resources shared with you and who the user who supplied them is:

5. Press the Save button to save the settings:

6. From the main menu on the left, click Contacts, you'll see a new clients for who you have received rights. It is titled with the name of the user who has given you the rights to it:

7. To view the shared contacts, click on it:

8. Once you have gained access to the new clients, you can delete the email, entitled "Access Control List", derived from a consumer who has given you rights to these clients.

9. If you are using Microsoft Active Sync protocol in your mobile device, you need to perform the following steps:
a) indicate the contacts, shared with you and press the Edit button:

b) turn option Alias on and write the name you want for the shared contacts:

c) press Save:

d) now you can see the shared contacts with the name you entered for Alias:



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