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Sharing Calendar in cMail Pro
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This article will show you how to share calendar in cMail Pro with other users. We will describe the procedure how user ivan@moiafirma.bg can share calendar Sales with user dimitar@moiafirma.bg.

I. Sharing resources form the user ivan@moiafirma.bg:

1. To access the service cMail Pro, open the following address in your web browser: http://pronto.cmailpro.net/

2. Enter the email address and password:

3. From the menu, select Calendar:

4. Display the calendar you want to share:

5. From the top menu, select the Edt button:

6. In the Access Control List add the email address of the person to whom you want to share the calendar:

6a. In case you want to remove the user to whom you delegated rights, click Remove button after the email address:

7. In the right box, select the rights you want to delegate to that user:
a) Read – rights to only read in the calendar
b) Write – rights to read and write in the calendar
c) Admin – all rights – read, modify and delete the calendar
d) Custom – individual rights

8. If you want the calendar to be publicly accessible through a web browser, turn on the option "Public Access through Web", which will generate a link for access:

9. When you have finished with the assignment of the users to their specific rights, you can save the settings:

II. Accepting the shared calendar from user dimitar@moiafirma.bg:

1. To access the service cMail Pro, open the following address in your web browser: http://pronto.cmailpro.net/:

2. Enter your email address and password:

3. You will receive a notification that you have been granted rights for the shared calendar. You must agree by pressing Subscribe:

4. An information box appears, showing the resources shared with you and who the user who supplied them is:

5. Press the Save button to save the settings:

6. From the main menu on the left, click Calendar, you'll see the calendar for which you have received rights. It is titled with the name of the user who has given you the rights to it:

7. To view the shared calendar, click on it:

8. Once you have gained access to the new calendar, you can delete the email, entitled "Access Control List", derived from a consumer who has given you rights to this calendar.

9. If you are using Microsoft Active Sync protocol in your mobile device, you need to perform the following steps.
a) Indicate the calendar, shared with you and press the Edit button:

b) turn option Alias on and write the name you want for the shared calendar:

c) press Save:

d) now you can see the shared calendar with the name you entered for Alias:


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